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Somewhere in England sits the village of Rooksbourne. It is so quiet you might not even notice it.  

Yet this is the most important place in the world and the new home of Tom Allenby, an ordinary thirteen year old about to be flung into extraordinary adventures.

You can read Tom's amazing story now in Elemental, the first book in the Heart of the World series.

adjective meaning

1. of the nature of an ultimate constituent; simple; uncompounded.

2. pertaining to rudiments or first principles.

3. pertaining to the agencies, forces, or phenomena of physical nature: elemental gods.

4. comparable to the great forces of nature, as in power or magnitude: elemental grandeur

Thirteen year old Tom Allenby is plunged into the adventure of a lifetime when he moves to the village of Rooksbourne where nothing is what it seems. With the help of new friends and a mysterious stone that gives him new powers Tom battles deadly over-sized animals, plants and birds as he races to stop a plan that threatens the whole world.

Mixing fantasy, mystery and myth Elemental is the exciting first book in the Heart of the World series!

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